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Exemplary Employee Winners 2015

  Jan 06, 2016

After waiting about 2 months of peak events taking place at Cikole, Lembang, West Java, a thrilling anticipation finally answered already on Monday, December 21, 2015.

To coincide with the ceremony being held on the ground of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries, the announcement of the winner of the exemplary worker 2015 on schedule was read at the ceremony that morning, the ceremony was last rites by 2015 before entering the new year.

Any eventual winner announcement was read by Committee team evaluator exemplary employees who are represented by Mr. Ridwan Neldi.

As the first champion, fell to Mansyur Division QC HSE &, following runners-up are Ali Munijar and the third champion Dede Suryadi of Maintenance. The third winner was overwhelmed after the look of waiting long and could eventually become a champion. The announcement of the winners were witnessed by the CEO of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries, Mr. Mas Wigrantoro RS. He was also given to the winner of that this is a beginning for them to indicate its quality as an exemplary worker who became an example for other employees can be a worker, hopefully that can advance the company.

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