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Exemplary Employees 2015

  May 20, 2015

PT Bakrie Pipe Industries is the pioneer manufacturer of steel pipe company in Indonesia which has a commitment to always maintain and improve the quality of the results of production, resulting in a product that is reliable and timely delivery. One of the keys to his success, namely the availability of qualified human resources, integrate high and reliable.

To increase the motivation of working required a means of healthy competition among workers, especially in terms of the working discipline, work ethic,work productivity, work achievement and knowledge work. Based on management decision Letter No. 49/A-100/BPI-IR/III/2015, and No. 50/A-100/BPI-IR/III/2015 concerning the appointment of a Team of the exemplary employees of 2015 appraisers, as well as the order of the committee.

The selection of the exemplary employees by 2015 is targeted to be able to finish all the electoral process up to October 31, 2015. The selection of the exemplary employees of this management is an attempt to find a worker can serve as a minimal model for other workers. With this election is expected to be able to spur other workers to show better achievement, have the insight and vast knowledge and positive thinking with the development of the company. Its will be regard on company of PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries. The goal will be achieved from the election and the determination of the exemplary employees of 2015 i.e. to form Personal and honest and trustful, that personally able to behavehonestly and trust in yourself and also the environment wherever he's been.

In the selection of the best of these workers will be given a test consists of a written test and test capabilities. In a written test of candidates the exemplary employees will be tested his ability in National Insight and integrity, insight Bakrie Group, insightful work, Personality Insights & Example, insight Improvement, work procedures and HSE and the ability of the base english language In the Test the ability of the candidate the exemplary employees are going through the stages of selection Psychotest, Panel discussions and open debates, supply and team building, interview and test eligibility.

Hopefully with his election workers held best 2015 is expected to produce a positive impact on the development and progress of the company, in particular the PT Bakrie Pipe Industries and PT Bakrie Brothers in General, so it's able to deal with the increasingly rigorous competition levels as the impact of the globalization era in the future

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