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Lights for the country

  Jul 18, 2018

Many people turn on electric lights during the day. This happens because the room in the house's design prevents light from entering. As a result, there is a waste of electricity every day. To overcome this problem, Bakrie personnel provided a solution in the form of a program called "Lights for the Country". This program is a collaboration between Bakrie Amanah, Bakrie Pipe Industries (BPI), and Bakrie & Brothers (BNBR).

This "Lamp for the Country" is the installation of lights from used bottles above people's homes to capture sunlight and emit in the room below it like electric lights. The lamp technology is very simple, using a bottle of 1.5L soft drink former containing water plus bleach (so as not to mold) and then mounted on the roof of an average made of asbestos. Today, July 18, 2018, this program is run in Fisherman Village, Dadap, Kosambi, North Tangerang. A total of 12 lamp packages were installed in 4 houses.

While educating residents to be able to immediately apply it. The result is that when the sun shines brightly enough, the room fitted with the bottle lights is quite light. The team's lightmeter measurement showed that the room that had not been installed with a bright bottle was only less than 1 lux, aka almost pitch black. But after the light of the bottle was installed and sunlight was refracted by the bottle, the value was more than 120 lux.

Such a value can be translated into around 35 to 60 watts of electric light (depending on the size of the room). In the future the "Lights for the Country" Team will also carry out similar activities in various regions in Indonesia. The aim of this program is to encourage people to save energy. Therefore the tagline of this program is "Illuminating the Country, Saving Energy, Saving Generations".

Hopefully this "Lamp for the Country" is useful. Can make children have activities or study in a bright house, and their parents can also save energy and expenses on electricity bills. Hopefully this can inspire Indonesians to do the same. We are open to collaborating with other parties to spread benefits for more communities.
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