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  Oct 09, 2015

Basically everything we do every day either in the factory in Bekasi, on the Tower and in SEAPI, including those that we do today on the nature of his to improve performance, said the performance of which is the origin of the verb has affixes in, it shows a work, so that its performance in the English language is the performance.
On the Eve of this procurement model employee is an attempt to improve performance, whatever its theme promoted is to improve performance.
The performance was his form of what?
Performance is generally divided 2. 1. Performance-related to financial, and 2. non-financial.
The financial performance of the company which was established to generate profit. Profit derived from the value of sales minus expenses. If we are not successful in establishing profit, then the company will not develop. Because of this, financial performance was later to be used for expansion, investment, etc. In this, there is the cost of the salary costs of employees, etc.
Non-financial performance:
Market share / market share
Example: The first 5 to 20 distributors, initially only in Indonesia, and could export abroad.
Modeling is used to improve the non-financial performance. We must possess a similar view to improve company performance.
Her assumption could stand firm and lasting because there were people inside it. For example, in Hyundai Motor, entry and exit, HRC finished the car, the car body using a robot, for mounting tires, glass and stir, etc. are already using one. Car body production covers 40% of the car so. Then at Hyundai motors 40% of their production process does not use people.

BPI is still 80% in the use of those, 20% use the machine. Hence the importance of its human resources. If HR is not qualified, then the company's performance is not good.
Therefore, to produce optimal performance, the election model employee to improve competence, skill, commitment, thus affecting the leadership skills of each employee morale so that productivity is increased.
Ideals in the employee example, I want to remind this is relative, because of the inherent at the exemplary employee is the result of a test in the environment BPI. Her question is whether the 10 example a few years ago is still a role model or not?

Modeling that is relative only as an attribute that if we are not careful and cautious, the result is a waste of energy. The question is how to build a permanent exemplary, not only because elected and successfully answer the test, then was elected, etc.
I hope exemplary permanent attached to the top 10 this wherever located and a good example for yourself, family, neighborhood, and friends in the company and so on.
If the motivation to get a prize, and then became a person, who not behave well, there may be something wrong in this election process. Let us build an exemplary permanent.
How to build us into exemplary anywhere, this becomes our challenge.
Elected as an exemplary employee is one thing but being an employee who works is another thing. Challenges exemplary workers in 2015 are not the one today and yesterday, but this time tomorrow until called by God.
Modeling is closely related to exemplary leadership. Modeling is the other side of the example. Its question is how the leadership appears.
Six ways how to be a leader:
1. A person becomes a leader because of the revelation, because his personality becomes the messenger of Allah, that the prophet
2. A person becomes a leader for his courage, strength.
3. A person becomes a leader because of her ancestry.
4. A person becomes a leader because it was appointed by the leader, that minister.
5. A person becomes a leader because of his expertise.
6. A person becomes a leader because of charisma.
That example should be influencers. People who are able to become influencers are people who are able to control themselves apart from it being the influence of others to remain calm. Good leader of what they say nature positive for productive things. If there are affecting the nature of which is not good is not exemplary.
Exemplary always think positive and work productively. Exemplary should be confident. People are confident when talking and act knowing what was said and what was done. In his action must be confident and know that talk.
There is no successful leader if we do not have the men, if not to accept input from anyone. The example that we do not wake up other than to improve the performance continues to increase. Modeling and leadership are two sides of the coin are both mutually influence each other.


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