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Official Announcement of the Steel Pipe Coating Factory and the Metal Analysis Services Unit (Laboratory Services)

  May 21, 2015

PT. BPI as the pioneer of steel pipe manufacturers in Indonesia, on Thursday announced the Steel Pipe Coating Factory and Metal Analysis Services Unit (Laboratory Services).

Mr. Saleh Husin, the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Bobby Gofur, the CEO of PT. Bakrie Brothers and Mr. Mas Wigrantoro RS, the CEO of PT. BPI attended the ceremony.

Business unit PT Bakrie Brothers Tbk in steel pipe production sector, Bakrie Pipe Industries, announce the factory coating steel worth US $ 10 million in Bekasi, West Java. The construction of this coating can make factory cost of production is more efficient because Bakrie Pipe no need to surrender his steel pipe coating process to other manufacturers. In an announce that Bobby Gafur reveals "The official announcement of the coating plant is becoming an important momentum for the national steel industry and the steel pipe industry in particular".

This is the first stage of the investment plans worth us$ 150 million to develop industry and supporting products, and pipes owned by Bakrie. "We build this facility to meet the requirements for use of the pipelines on land, the use of sub sea pipelines, as well as supporting the government's plans to build a pipeline in the fuel to gas conversion program", said Wigrantoro.

"After the coating factory, we will expand the capacity of the galvanize plant with a value of us$ 5 million, which could increase the annual production capacity from 15 thousand tons to 60 thousand tons", he said. Meanwhile, Saleh Husin said that the government would continue striving to foster the domestic iron industry and steel industry, in particular, through the implementation of a compulsory trade remedies, SNI, increased import duties rate on steel, the program on increased use of domestic products, as well as the proposed decrease in the price of gas for industry.

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