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Official Website Announcement PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries

  Jul 27, 2015

Website is one of the popular media promotion. Website has a range of time and space is infinite. To obtain a website as an effective medium in marketing products or convey information, required the application of a particular strategy so that promotional activities website that do achieve maximum result.

Today, media promotion not only dominated media website. Media promotion is also venturing into social networking. These circumstances demanded a more aggressive marketing system and proactive directly to the prospective customers who enough potential votes.

In addition, with the increasing development of information technology, the internet more quickly and easily accessible from anywhere and by anyone. Need a website that is not only accessible via a computer desk or laptop, but also demands adaptation with mobile devices such as Smartphones, mobile, tablet and PDA. Not only in terms of website content that must be good at adapting to mobile devices, but also in terms of speed, the view, and so on. So, have a website alone is not enough.

For that team IT PT Bakrie Pipe Industries trying to align clients website creation to support the company's goal of increasing sales of steel pipe with media websites as a means of promotion and communication.

Expected by design features a new, more user-friendly, bilingual, and the more main stream news or informative content that may be able to support company goals.

With this we convey the previous website address changes: changed to:

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