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Steel Expo Indonesia 2016

  Nov 09, 2016

The first iron and steel exhibition, Steel Expo Indonesia, held on 7-9 September 2016 in Jakarta.

"This exhibition can be a window to the world that Indonesia has a steel with good quality," said Chief Executive Ernst Karemboen on Wednesday.

The international exhibition displays 13 subindustry steel material ranging from raw materials, steel products, steel components for building and construction, machinery, until the banking products that support this industry.

According to Ernst, around 400 industries involved in this exhibition, so that these activities become the most complete and largest steel exhibition in Indonesia.

Besides the exhibition, Steel Expo Indonesia also presents some programs, such as the Networking Night, where vendors and exhibitors can meet to conduct transactions, conferences, symposia and business adjustment.

Meanwhile, Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics Industry Ministry I Gusti Putu Suryawirawan regard, the exhibition is one way to encourage the growth of domestic steel always in a positive trend.

"We as regulators welcome this activity. Steel Indonesia Expo in 2016 are expected to stimulate and encourage the growth of the national steel industry is strong, independent, and hosted in their own country," said Putu.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry, Indonesian exports in 2014 reached 2.23 billion US dollars, up 16.91 percent over the previous year amounting to 1.91 billion US dollars.

While the value of steel imports in 2014 recorded a 12.58 billion US dollars, down 0.19 percent compared to 2013 amounting to 12.6 billion US dollars.

On the other hand, domestic steel demand continues to increase from 7,4juta tonnes in 2009, to 12.7 million tons in 2014, and is predicted to increase in line with national economic growth.

BKPM recorded, there are 157 investment projects of steel that was doing construction with an investment of 8502 Rp6,63 trillion able to absorb the labor force throughout the semester I / 2015.

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