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Team Building and Paintball Games 2015 Model Worker

  Oct 09, 2015

Selection of Model Worker of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries has arrived on the Eve of the summit which was held in Bandung Lembang Cikole region on October 1 to 3 ago.
In 3 days two nights there 10 exemplary workers undergo a series of activities included activities to build unity and solidarity among workers. On the first-day workers and their exemplary committee held team-building fun games.
As the name implies team building is an activity that emphasizes teamwork in solving a variety of challenges and problems.
Understand the meaning of team building where a team knows the process to be followed in reaching an agreement in making decisions. Wherein also here required interact among the fellow team members. With the interaction as a team, they can get to know each other and build a relationship.
This is useful in making decisions. Good team building is where the leader can form his team in a team that together can achieve the goals that have been determined.
Here, instead of the required individual skills, but teamwork that must be highlighted. For each game will require the assistance of another individual to complete. Participants were given material containing direction and motivation so that each participant is always eager to indulge in an organization or team.
By following everyone, team building is expected to issue a spirit of mutual dependence, which is very necessary in the cohesiveness of a team.
In addition to team building, the committee also held paintball activities. This activity is eagerly awaited by the participants because it can increase adrenaline. Paintball we understand is a tool in game’s battles simulation using paint and in no way can be upgraded into a firearm.
Paintball Games provide strong benefits to participants.
Because it can sharpen the ability to analyze quickly, the ability to take decisions quickly and accurately, the ability to synergize with one team, fast and effective communication ability, the ability to improve leadership skills, ability to understand the position of self, ability to delegate tasks to the harmony, the ability to understand a risk with a courageous spirit, the ability to plan and strategies, and the ability to be calm to deal with opponents.
In the world of work, enterprise, teamwork or team building, 10 benefits of playing paintball above are important and certainly very necessary.
Then it is appropriate that the committee provides paintball games as a means to boost traffic employees. And many companies routinely, at this time, make paintball games media improve the quality of employees' work.

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