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Training Program Physical , Mental and Discipline

  Sep 09, 2015

On 26-28 August 2015 PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries hold a program of increased, physical and mental, the first force discipline on hold for three days in the Training location of Belanegara, Rindam Jaya Condet, East Jakarta with the number of participants 30 exemplary employees and 10 persons Committee.

This activity is organized as a series to educate employees of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries to better mental and physical exercising to provide the best for the company. In addition, this training aims to establish or improve the disciplines and professionalism soul training for employees of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries.

According to Mr. Nanda, the Commander, who led this training, "education and this exercise are not an attempt to 'Militarization' performed by Indonesian ARMED FORCES against civil society, but basically to foster a sense of discipline, responsibility and leadership of the brothers as well as the mental and physical form as well as to foster a sense of nationality and fatherland love..."

For 3 days in the training camp employees demanded for high discipline, from the start of the line up, having meal and get out of bed ever organized in this training

Some of the things emphasized from the beginning of this training are about discipline, togetherness, time and promptness in the run of command. A phrase from the coaches "entire Rindam Jaya regulated activities except breath" expressed that life in the military world of very regular.

The enthusiasm was shown by employees because most of them never underwent the training program on discipline. Initially, it was heavy but this program also trained togetherness, in which fellow employees are required to receive it in the Compact that are always given.

There were a lot of pleased impressions received from the trainees during the three   training in Rindam Jaya. It can be concluded that the essence of which can be obtained after following Rindam Jaya's  National Armed Forces, which is practicing discipline in utilizing the time, togetherness in love and grief, responsible, sensitive and care with hygiene and safety as well as the training in promptness in carrying out his instructions.

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