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Bakrie Group Gives Outstanding Student Award

  Oct 01, 2021

BEKASI- Students who excel children of employees of PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries, should be proud. Because they are entitled to receive awards from PT Bakrie Pipe Industries, Achmad Bakrie Foundation and Bakrie Amanah.

The award was given ceremonially on 28 and 29 September 2021. Those who received it came from elementary, junior high, and high school education levels ranging from 1 to 5.

Due to the pandemic conditions, this award is given by always implementing health protocols with ceremonial events in the meeting room of Achmad Bakrie PT. BPI.

At the handover, BPI Management was represented by Ridwan Neldi and from Bakrie Amanah represented by Mr. M Solakhudin.

"We award these outstanding students as many as 56 students consisting of elementary, junior high, and high school levels for children of BPI employees," he said.

He also congratulated the outstanding students to improve their achievements.

"For the 1st rank to always be maintained and the 2nd to 5th rank to be upgraded to a better rank," added Ridwan.

Furthermore, he said, students were asked to pray for the goodness of both parents. Because the prayer of a pious child will be granted by Allah SWT.

"These outstanding children are also encouraged to pray diligently for health enjoyment and to pray for their parents' fields at PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries to always be given success and orders to increase," he said.

At the end of his speech, Ridwan advised everyone to pray for the Achmad Bakrie Foundation, Bakrie Amanah in particular the entire Bakrie group to become more advanced and more successful. (Ridwan)

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